Why Helen Thomas Gave Me a Good Scolding

Kryhul Media Group

I met Helen Thomas briefly in Toronto in 1988 at a Ronald Reagan press conference during what was then known as the G7 Summit. To be honest, it wasn’t so much a meeting as being given a very public dressing-down by the legendary White House correspondent.

At the time, I was the Canadian correspondent for New York-based Fairchild News Service and was covering the summit for half-a-dozen Fairchild trade papers. The summit was attended by the world leaders – Ronald Reagan (U.S.), Margaret Thatcher (U.K.), François Mitterrand (France), Helmut Kohl (West Germany), Ciriaco de Mita (Italy), Noboru Takeshita (Japan), Jacques Delors (European Commission) and host Brian Mulroney (Canada) – not to mention hundreds of government officials and international media.

Because I worked for an American news service, I was able to score entry to President Reagan’s June 21 Toronto press conference. I was both excited and optimistic when I arrived…

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