The Faith Crisis of a Six-Year-Old (or, What Does “Faith Like a Child” Really Mean?)

There And (Almost) Back Again

In the church where I grew up– a mid-sized, Bible church just outside of Memphis, Tennessee– leading others to a personal relationship with Christ was, as it is for most evangelical churches, a particularly important part of what church was all about.  And, as with many evangelical congregations, the most common tool in the toolbox was what has become known as “the sinner’s prayer.”

The sinner’s prayer is a short, ritualized prayer meant to reflect what is commonly known as the “ABC’s of Salvation,” a mantra I heard most often growing up when I attended Vacation BIble School at a nearby Baptist church.  Every year when the VBS wrapped up, the senior pastor there would give a message in which he invited everyone to “Admit they were a sinner,” “Believe Jesus Christ saves us from our sins,” and “Commit to love and follow Jesus for the rest of your life.” …

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